Marital Investigations




When a person suspects a cheating partner (married or not, heterosexual or gay) this can eat away at that person. Sometimes a person will try and avoid the “tell tell” signs of a cheating partner and try and deny it is happening. But how long can you live like this and is it fare for you?



Others will confront the partner immediately hoping it will solve the issues. Either way the not knowing will cause you distress and hurt.


Spektar can assist you in getting the truth by using the up to date technology from video to still photography. We also have the capability of obtaining footage by following the subject into buildings by the use of covert body cameras.


By gathering this evidence you can take the next step and continue with your life. If you feel that video footage or still photography is enough to confront him/her and challenge their lies or if you want to proceed with a claim for a divorce then this evidence can be used as proof in court (


The only time legal aid can be authorised for a divorce is when you meet the criteria –


  • Cases where there has been domestic abuse
  • Local authority child protection matters
  • Child abduction cases
  • Forced marriage


Please look at the following web sites for more advice.



If the decision is made to use the service’s of Spektar we will first have an in depth discussion on what you require and try and get as much information on your partner to aid us in finding the best solution in getting what is required.


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Marital Surveillance

You will be presented with a plan and advice on how we get the best result. It is you that will make the final decision on how it is to be conducted.


The whole operation will be conducted within the boundaries of the law and we will NOT deviate from this.


Please remember SPEKTAR at no stage determine that a person is committing an act of adultery we only provide the evidence to allow you to take the next step.