About Spektar Private Investigation

Spektar is a company that prides itself on the quality of the work that is produces by using ex British military personnel who have a vast experience in surveillance in all theatres of conflict from Northern Ireland to Afghanistan and also in the commercial world.


During Operation Banner in Northern Ireland the security forces conducted covert surveillance on a known and suspected terrorist to gather as much evidence as possible to either stop a terrorist attack or to prosecute them. These sorts of operations were conducted to the highest degree of secrecy and the personnel that conducted the operations were of the highest calibre. The skills that were taught during these times are similar to what we use in the commercial world today.


During all other conventional warfare such as Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan the same techniques were adapted to suit the theatre of conflict. Video and still photography surveillance was and still is a vital part in the intelligence gathering and a lot of this was done by personnel on the ground being “undercover” or covert.


Why use ex British military personnel?

The British military trains it’s personnel to the highest standard and they are renowned for being a disciplined force. There is an attitude with the military community of “not wanting to fail”. There are many transferable skills that a serviceman or woman brings with them to civilian street when they leave the military and we are highly sought after in all industries. You cannot compare the willingness to succeed and the thrive for success than from an ex military personnel, it as if it was programmed into us to succeed. This attitude is what makes us such an assets and failure is not an option.



Each operator has completed a BTEC level 3 in advanced surveillance and private investigators. A vast majority are also SIA Close Protection license holders. Each operator will have an up to date Disclosure and Barring service [DBS] previously know as CRB check.



To ensure the task does not get compromise Spektar will utilize the different type of operators that are available to choose from.

  • Different age groups
  • Male and female
  • Different ethnic backgrounds


Core Values

Spektar follows a set of core values. By adhering to theses values it allows us to achieve the highest standard that is required to conduct each task.

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • Diligence
  • Trust
  • Commitment


Commercial world

We have the experience and knowledge on conducting any task in the commercial environment to gather the information that is requested. Each task can be discussed prior to agreeing on the method of which to achieve the best results.


Private enquiries

Spektar has the full capability on assisting in a private matter. Privacy and discretion will be honoured at all times.


Who is our client?

We are open to carry out task for all sorts of industries from the following list

  • Solicitors
  • Local authorities
  • Commercial companies
  • Private/individual enquiries
  • Agent to Agent [other surveillance companies]


Continues training

Due to the nature of the skills that each operator holds we must maintain this level of professionalism by conducting regular in house training. By completing this it stops the risk of skill fade and we can maintain our high level of professionalism and introduce new techniques, technology and policy.