We provide a discreet and professional service to our client with the aim to assist in gathering information and evidence either by video, camera photography, voice recordings, reports and written statements within the boundaries of the law


Surveillance is a form of art within its self and is often done by a team of 3 operators.

In the modern day Video surveillance is the most required form of information recording and this can be critical for a case such as a claim for personal injury etc. Different forms of surveillance can be utilized to get the required evidence

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Locus reports

It is common today for individuals to submit damages against some local authorities, individuals and organisations for claim of damages either through injury or neglect.

A detailed locus report can be produced with digital sketching and also photographic evidence. Each report will be of the highest standard and can be used in a court of law. The operator that conducted the investigation and wrote the report can also attend a court if required.

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Process Serving

It is vital that serving documents is done as fast as possible with the least amount of time wasted. We achieve this by conducting intense research into the individual and ensuring that the person is at the proposed address prior to attempting to serve.

Our server will collect the required documents and take the oath at the court or the legal office.

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Marital and Domestic

Spektar can assist you in getting the truth by using the up to date technology from video to still photography.

If the decision is made to use the service’s of Spektar we will first have an in depth discussion on what you require and try and get as much information on your partner to aid us in finding the best solution in getting what is required.

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About Spektar

When an individual decides to use the services of Spektar, that person has made a decision knowing that when the results are given, potentially it could be a life changing experience to either party involved. Spektar fully understands the need to provide the best results by providing the evidence that is required to allow the next steps to be taken. We understand the seriousness of the industry and what is required.


Spektar achieves this by using a network of ex British military personnel, who are fully trained in Surveillance and Private investigations. Although we are a south Wales based company the whole of the United Kingdom is within our capability. The most up to date technology is used to record the evidence and it will be of the highest standards.

Confidentiality and Discretion is a must to all that is involved and Spektar guarantees this.

The information will be gathered in a timely manner and the client will be constantly updated on the task. Spektar will request an instruction from our client as these updates are given thus allows control.

Each task will have different dynamics; careful planning and time annalist will be conducted and presented to the client. We pride ourselves on planning, as this is key for a successful task.

If you believe you need to use our services then contact us to discuss what we can do to assist.

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Spektar Core Values

Core Values

Spektar follows a set of core values. By adhering to theses values it allows us to achieve the highest standard that is required to conduct each task.


  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • Diligence
  • Trust
  • Commitment
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